kidney transplant

Keep Kidney Clean with the aid of Bashir Dawood

Mass perception about The functioning of Kidney is not absolutely acceptable; rather it is somewhat confusing. People today feel that Kidney simply works as a sieve for separating the excreta and assist proper operation of a body. Plus it only controls the effort of unneeded water and waste material from your system. But it is pertinent to mention here that this is not the only work of a Kidney, along with the stated purpose, it also performs the following:

  • It also generates Erythropoietin hormone which aids in blood formation.
  • Kidney produces a Hormone called Rennin which regulates the blood pressure within the body.
  • Kidney also helps In maintaining balance between salts and water in a body.
  • Residual of Medicines consumed by us can also be thrown from the body by means of Kidney.

From the Aforementioned truth it is established that kidney is one of the crucial organs of the body aids in due wellness of the body by performing its multiple roles in proper harmony. Such an important Organ which performs many vital functions needs to be taken care of; otherwise any or all of the aforesaid functioning might be disrupted causing severe illness and could be fatal also. Unfortunately, other Than developed towns and cities, the majority of the people living in villages and suburbs around the world are not receiving the appropriate treatment in case of need mainly due to the subsequent

kidney transplant


  • The bashir Dawood treatment Generally involves huge expenditure that the common people cannot afford to pay.
  • Combined effect of All the aforesaid reasons combined with ignorance and neglect of the affected individual induces him to maintain the disease suppressed or less cared for a significant period and eventually makes the disease incurable.

There are mainly two Kinds of Kidney failure.

  1. A) Unusual or Acute Renal failure that generally recovers after some therapy.
  1. b) Chronic failure Which occurs over a time period due to one or more related diseases which was not taken proper care of and thus has left its impression in creating the kidney defunct.

Frequent causes of Kidney failure are enumerated as under:-

  1. Malaria, a common Disease spread by mosquito bites impacts the Kidney functioning.
  1. Any Sort of infection.
  1. Dysentery related disease
  1. And Stone in Kidney Also contributes to its failure.

Sudden or Acute renal Failure could sometimes be cured of by appropriate treatment. But the chronic failure seldom responds to the normal therapy and oftentimes requires a operation for removing the ailment. Depending upon the level of harm, course of treatment or operation is set. In Kidney failure, frequent treatment by means of dialysis is provided to reach relief to the individual. Removal of a single kidney sometimes cures the individual and he can lead a normal life with all the remainder one. Nevertheless, in the event of complete damage of the Kidneys, there might not be any alternative besides Kidney transplantation which necessitates best medical care and outflow of enormous cash which sometimes remains beyond the reach of the ordinary individuals.